The R&H

Kinda ‘Part One’ possibly, I’ve taken so many shots of this building but few ever see the light of day. Mostly because all you can see of it is a big, depressing, grey concrete slab. But then that kinda fits in with the docks…

Bike Parking

Chained up to the railings outside the Odlums building on the docks. Possibly a bike, possibly something else entirely. Eh… Maybe a large, rabid turnip? Whatever it was and however rabid it was, it’s long gone now.

Brian’s Bridge

A fairly uninteresting shot of the Brian Boru bridge over the river Lee, taken from a corner of Michael Collins bridge. This is not Clontarf bridge, that’s on the other one that looks the same as this one. You’ll find that over near the city hall, where it’s been for a while now. Glad we …



Time for one form the home town! Easily my favorite building on the docks in Cork. Rarely seen like this, there are normally truck trailers left outside the building or a large puddle of green ooze blocking any chance of getting near it. I’d give a left something to get inside there and take a …


Leeside Vice

Part of the photowalk at the weekend was a feckin brilliant trip out for four volunteers on a 7.5 liter V8 speedboat. To say it went like shit through a goose is, as you\’d expect, an understatement. It’s all a bit \’Miami Vice’. Without the good looking women in bikinis. Or the skyscrapers. Or Don …



On Summerhill north during the Cork Photowalk, put together by Damien, Pat and Donncha. Huge thanks to all three, very successful event as usual. I can only assume this lady was charging up the hill in training for the ladies mini marathon that took place the next day in the city.

Snowy Pooves

December 2000. Ireland. Carrigaline to be precise. White stuff on the ground. Possibly snow. We hadn’t seen it in so long that we weren’t really sure. Nevertheless, there were snowballs made, many photos taken on crappy old 35mm compact camera (my first camera). A walk to the top of the world and back again. It’s …



September 2002. A trip out to Sherkin Island with Kev and Foss to swim (or paddle shin deep in my case), play football on the beach, take some photos and just enjoy the sun. Didn’t think I’d be back here only 7 seemingly short years later for Kev’s stag party. Then, the confirmation came that …


Fota’s Lemurs

April 2003. One of the friendly and amazingly soft pawed ring tailed lemurs at Fota Island Wildlife Park in Cork. This was back when they’d come down out of the trees and run around visitors legs, hoping one of them might have a packet of crisps or a banana or something. On all my subsequent …


Solstice Sojourn

June 2003. Whilst at a very loose end one day and wanting to clear the head of unpleasant thoughts, I invented the tour which shall forever be known as the “Solstice Sojourn”. Started at home in Carrigaline, west taking in Bandon, Clonakilty, Skibbereen, Schull, Leap, Sheeps Head, Bantry, Glengarriff and a few other towns that …


Cork Fire Brigade

June 2003. Back when I first got my (what I would now refer to as) first proper digital camera I tried out more or less everything with limited success. It was only when I tried everything that I really started lusting after a DSLR. And so the cycle of expense and gear porn begins. Here …


The Constellation

April 2005. A very, very, very large boat docks in Ringaskiddy (about 5/6 mins drive from Carrigaline) and offloads a bunch of presumably wealthy tourists for a few days. This was taken just before it’s departure, which was also a grand affair that saw many locals, including local journalists, come out to record for posterity. …



April 2005. Always one of the places I’d take the bike to for a spin in the evenings or weekends, Charlesfort and it’s neighbour Jamesfort across the harbour are popular spots. That used to be just so I could go sit in the sunshine for a few minutes or to consume whatever I’d bought in …



April 2005. Before being boarded up, wrapped in scaffolding and having very large ‘no entry, prosecution blah blah blah’ signs posted at it’s gates some years ago, Castlefreake was, as it’s name suggests, a freaky spot to visit. At one stage the basement, including the tunnel pictured, was in complete darkness. Hence, I wouldn’t go …


Victor Frankenstein

June 2005. Victor Frankenstein marked a few firsts. First time I successfully blagged a press pass, first time I accidentally hit someone with a lens hood, first time I learned that the 20D was not a fan of being used at high ISO\’s and the first time I was propositioned by a very nasty prostitute. …


Inchidoney Surf School

September 2005. This one seems to get rolled out quite often. But why not, I like it! Taken back when I was still very much learning to use my then still new baby, a 20D. Also, Inchidoney is still as excellent as ever.


Exploring where an alley went at the pre-blog awards 2009 meetup in Cork. So much of Cork still unexplored. Now that going there is a holiday, maybe I’ll get a bit more of that elusive exploration done?