Gather Around

Gather Around
Swans that aren’t even hungry crowd around a gentleman emptying a carrier bag full of foosty bread into the already murky (mostly from being full of soggy bread bits) waters of the lough in Cork city. Taken back when the sky was bluer, the weather was nicer and the days were hotter and t-shirts were entirely possible. Just to remind you…

That’s using your Loaf!

That's using your Loaf!
Oh dear! Those extra items of gear I was pondering on in a previous post were not only ordered, they arrived today. I bought a Canon Speedlite 430EX and a Canon ST-E2 wireless flash commander thing. Once I get a battery for the ST-E2, I can take both my 580EX and the new 430EX completely off camera. Woo!

This was a quick bit of farting around with the two flashes. Something tells me I’m going to have to re-watch that lighting DVD I have knocking around. Also, I somehow feel I’m going to have to invest in batteries. Or at least a decent charger. To that end, anyone know where I might pick up a La Crosse BC-900? Now, back to the messing…

Just for a larf (and because once I get good I’ll have to start adding this info to every shot.. Strobist info; 430EX camera right, 580EX left and above.